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How it works?

Payment & Shipping

We believe in making your shopping experience as comfortable as possible. With our 'Introductory Trial Shopping' approach, you can order a smaller selection of our fantastic women's fashion pieces on your first purchase.

Your First Order, Your Way

There's no need to commit to a large order right away. Feel free to pick a few items that catch your eye, and we'll ensure they're delivered to your doorstep.

Get your samples

Once you receive your first order and fall in love with our products, you can always come back for more. We want you to be confident in your choices and enjoy building your perfect wardrobe.

Try Before You Expand

Buy SAMPLES to try the enchanting quality of our products

First time purchase

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First you need to place your order (it does not represent any obligation). Before you pay for anything, we need to check whether we can fulfill it or whether we no longer have enough stock.

Order and Stock verification


Once we have received your request and are able to fulfill your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail in which you will find the payment method. We can only accept bank transfers.



We will attach a Pro-Form invoice in the e-mail, which contains all the necessary information for payment. As soon as the transfer arrives, we will pack the products and attach the invoice.



As soon as we have handed over the package to the shipping company, we will send you a copy of the package number, which you can use to track the delivery status online. The shipping costs 50 EUR for every 30 kgs, and it takes usually 3-5 business day to arrive.


The Process

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